• Are you overwhelmed by the mess you are in and don’t know were to start?
  • Are you burdened by ATO compliance?
  • Do you feel that you are trying to do everything yourself because you do not know who to trust?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then Bookkeeping Partners can help.

What does it mean?

Our team of highly trained and experienced bookkeepers can handle all your business records and bookkeeping requirements. This can happen on a weekly, monthly quarterly basis.

We provide the kind of service that a good bookkeeper working on their own simply cannot sustain. Our internal training and development keeps all our staff informed of new accounting and business changes.  It means our clients get the most accurate information to help guide their business to success.

Bookkeeping Partners provides consistency regardless which of our bookkeepers does the work – you will receive accurate and reliable reports.  As an example, we produce a Procedures Manual for every one of our clients.  This document outlines every aspect of our job, and it’s done for a few reasons:

  • Firstly, the job of bookkeeping should be straightforward and transparent.  We write it up so that anyone can read how your job should be done.
  • Secondly, the job needs to be standardised.  Bookkeepers, as well as accountants, can have different interpretations. There are many ways to get the same answer.
  • And thirdly, if we are no longer handling your bookkeeping then your new bookkeeper has the job detailed. There is no re-inventing the wheel. They can get on with the job – exactly as it has been handled in the past.

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