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Are you tired of looking through months of invoices and bank statements that your clients drop on your desk?

Have you stopped taking shoe boxes from clients?

Do you want a properly qualified bookkeeping company to help your clients?

Do you want to focus on helping clients with their tax issues rather than fix up their bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping Partners has the answer:
We are not a sole trader that only has enough time for 10 clients. We can deal with large volumes of work.
After you refer a few clients and just get comfortable with us we will not tell you we do not have enough time
and can’t take more.

Using our Procedures Manual for every one of our clients it outlines every aspect of our job and helps
keep our work consistent. It is a great quality control process. It works!

The next step is easy:
Call 03 9563 3583 for a no obligation, confidential meeting to discuss your requirements.
We are professional partners with MYOB and QuickBooks and have plenty of experience in
fixing bookkeeping chaos.
We are more than happy to provide references to make you feel comfortable with our
experience and quality.

At the end of the day, if Bookkeeping Partners can help you and your clients then everyone benefits. All our
staff are qualified with a minimum of Certificate IV qualification in Accounting. Bookkeeping Partners works
closely with accountants by providing a fast, professional and confidential service to help prepare the financial information in an easy format required to prepare tax returns and provide financial planning opportunities
to the client.

Give Bookkeeping Partners a call on 03 9563 3583 to see how we can help.


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