Business Activity Statement (BAS) and How Can Bookkeeping Partners Help You?

book2Australian businesses must file a business activity statement BAS at set intervals throughout the year. A BAS includes information on the various taxes that your company owes such as the pay as you go or PAYG payments, goods and services tax or GST, withholding tax and other required taxes. The record keeping for these taxes needs to be accurate or your company may face fines or penalties. Taxes are too complex today for the average company accountant or bookkeeper to navigate through in a proficient manner. Instead, you should outsource your tax matters to an outside company such as ours, Bookkeeping Partners.

We Keep Track of the Company’s Revenue and GST Liabilities

Our Company will keep track of your company’s incoming revenue from your goods and services. We also will calculate your GST liabilities for the BAS paperwork when it comes time to fill it out and lodge it. You will receive pertinent updates on these figures.

Our Company Tracks and Records All Necessary Payroll Taxes

Since your employees pay part of their taxes through their paychecks, we will not only calculate your outgoing payroll, but we also will track the payroll taxes that your company must pay for each employee. You will need this information for your company’s business activity statement BAS.

Bookkeeping Partners Calculates PAYG Instalments

PAYG instalments allow you to make scheduled payments towards your company’s estimated annual income tax obligation. The income of the company needs to be over a specific amount for you to qualify for this type of payment plan. Our experts will calculate and track these payments for you. At times, you even may qualify for a 30-day extension on your payment when circumstances justify it.

We Compile All Other Necessary Data for the BAS

Other information also may be necessary for your BAS according to the specific nature of your business. We will take care of compiling whatever other information you need besides what we already talked about in the above details.

Experts from Our Company Will File Your BAS on Time

Our experts will fill out and lodge your BAS on time either monthly or quarterly with the Australian Taxation Office. Of course, we will receive your approval before releasing the BAS to ensure that you agree with all our computations. The appropriate signatures also are necessary.

With our help, the filing of your business activity statement BAS will proceed smoothly at the allotted time. We guarantee that all of our bookkeeping and accounting services are 100-percent accurate.

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Debt Collection Service: Why You Should Enlist External Help

australia-dollarOften, there are times when clients fall behind on their payment agreements with your company if your business is similar to others today. When you fail to solve this issue in an effective manner, it may negatively influence the overall profitability of the company. You may believe that the way to proceed with this issue of past-due debts is to designate the job to one of your full-time employees, but this is the costliest way. Instead, you should consider accomplishing this task by outsourcing to our professional company that provides a debt collection service along with other bookkeeping and accounting services to your company. Just read the reasons why we say this here in this information.

1. You Obtain the Services of Experts

The primary reason to hire external help to collect your debts is that you obtain the services of experts. Our professionals deal with the debt collection service daily as part of our company’s offerings to our clients. They understand how to communicate effectively with your clients who are past due to receive their cooperation. In addition, our pros will arrange payment plans for those who wish to pay but cannot pay in one lump sum at the moment of contact. On top of this, they will follow up to ensure that all clients are living up to their agreements.

2. Our Pros Perform All Debt Collection Tasks for Your Business

When you hire our company, our pros perform all debt collection tasks for you. You will be free to turn your attention to other important areas of your company. This allows you to catch and remedy other business issues before they turn into major setbacks. We guarantee you that we will bring your past-due amounts in a timely fashion and at an affordable fee. In fact, it is less expensive to hire our company than it is to pay a full-time employee to perform collections since you will not need to pay benefits such as insurance, and that you only pay us for our time.

3. We Solve Present Debt Issues and Prevent Future Ones

Not only do we cure your present issues with past-due debts, but we also prevent future ones whenever possible. We accomplish this second part by setting up a debt collection regime that suits your specific business.

The above are all the reasons why you should enlist the help of our external company to solve your past-due accounts through our debt collection service. Of course, you also should inquire about all of our bookkeeping and accounting services here at Bookkeeping Partners. We ensure your satisfaction.

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