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  • Simply fax/email us a time sheet per employee (which we supply) every pay period;
  • We will process the pay run within an agreed time frame;
  • We will fax/email you the net figures to pay the staff, an;
  • We will post/email the payslips for each employee.

Our outsourced payroll services at Bookkeeping Partners makes employing staff almost enjoyable!

We will prepare specially tailored timesheets for your company with the correct penalty rates categories. All you need to do is get your staff to complete them every pay period. Fax / Email get them to use and we will process all the information including:

  • Annual leave
  • Leave loading
  • Penalty rates
  • Rostered days off (RDO)
  • Child support
  • Salary sacrifice and much more

We email you the details and once approved, the payslips get distributed to your staff.  It is that easy!

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